Sizing Bracelets Printable Sizes


Small: 6.5″
Medium: 7″
Large: 7.25″
Extra Large: 7.75″

Slim Cuff

Small: 6.75″
Medium: 7.25″
Large: 7.5″
Extra Large: 8″

Wide Cuff

3 sets of snaps at these lengths: 6.45″, 7.25″, 8″

Extra Wide Cuff

3 sets of snaps at these lengths: 7.25″, 8″, 8.75″

To ensure proper bracelet size, print bracelet size sample HERE >>
If you are unsure that your sheet was printed accurately, check measurements with proper ruler. Length is measured from the center of each snap. Please allow for some variation in size. Bracelet lengths typically lay within 1/10″ – 1/6″ range of listed length.
Please be careful to order correct size as we cannot accept exchanges or returns due to sizing issues.



Personal and Couples Personalized Leather Bracelets

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